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There’s no question that the consumer packaged goods (CPG) market has seen a number of categories and segments — that were once occupied by a few select brands and companies — expand in order to accommodate consumers’ desires for choice. Although this SKU proliferation allows brand owners to have a portfolio of diversified assets, it becomes even more important that manufacturing and distribution operations are working at their full potential to ensure that product is being stored and picked accurately.

In the...

Melissa Rossi

Product protection is a must for food and beverage packages, and companies are working hard to make sure that their products are safe and protected for the end user. Tamper-evident bands, sleeves and seals are designed to prevent the improper opening of a product, which could cause damage not only to the product itself, but also to the brand’s reputation.

Pharmaceutical companies have used tamper-evident (and child-proof) packaging for decades, and food and beverage packagers are now adapting this technology for use with...

Melissa Rossi

One of the common names for compression technology is Squeezers. It’s a funny name but actually quite descriptive. Compression technology does exactly what you might think it does, it compresses or squeezes the container. It doesn’t compress it very much, only enough to create pressure in the headspace of the container, which in turn makes it possible to identify very small leaks in the headspace. The amount of time the container is compressed is called dwell time. Why is dwell time important? Well if you can imagine a...

Melissa Rossi

​As the economy continues to bounce back from the recent recession, data released by PMMI shows a strong market for machinery shipments. PMMI’s 2012 Shipments & Outlook Study provides extensive data on U.S. packaging machinery dollar shipments and backlog orders generated by PMMI members in calendar years 2011 and 2010 (shipments only for 2010). The study revealed some key findings for recent years, as well as a look back over the last decade.

Overall U.S. shipments (including exports) experienced considerable growth in...

Melissa Rossi

Choosing a user interface for inspection equipment is an important decision. We discuss two different options here, PC interfaces and HMI based interfaces. Each has advantages and disadvantages, the importance of which depends largely on the customer’s needs. Let’s look at what sets these two systems apart.

HMI interfaces are generally simpler to program for basic user interface features and offer a slightly lower cost to purchase (over PC). These interfaces are typically easy to use, consume less power when running,...

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