Vol 2 No 8: Cooker Protection: Seal Integrity, Vacuum Loss, and Fill Level Detection in Steel Cans

The purpose of this test was to prove the effectiveness of TapTone systems in determining seal integrity, proper vacuum and fill level in food cans prior to the cooker or retort. Canners have long sought a remedy for the costly equipment failure and downtime that results when defective containers jam the continuous cooker on a canning line. By combining a proximity sensor to measure lid curvature and an X-ray sensor to measure fill level, the TapTone proximity/X-ray system detects and automatically rejects cans with deflective lids, flat lids, missing lids, cocked lids, seam defects, knockdown flanges, dents, underfill and overfill, and low vacuum. With a TapTone system installed before the cooker, these defects are virtually eliminated, protecting the cooker from jam-ups.

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