Vol 5 No 3: Identifying Seal Defects and Cocked Crowns in Beer Bottles

Vol 5 No 3

Tested: 640 Milliliter Glass Beer Bottles with Metal Crowns

Inspection Desired: Leak Inspection

Tested with: TapTone 500-AC Acoustic Sensor with Cocked Crown Option

TapTone’s T500-A Acoustic Sensor is well-established in the brewing industry as the inspection system of choice in testing the seal integrity of glass beer bottles at production line speeds. The cocked crown option is a supplement to the T500-A to improve rejection of bullnose, dented, dimpled, wrinkled, crushed and cocked crowns. A small percentage of cocked crowns have the same acoustic response as a good crown making them difficult to detect. With the cocked crown option, the T500-A is ideal for insuring that no beer bottles reach the consumer without the highest quality.

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