Vol 5 No 2: Leak Detection in Low Profile Containers

Vol 5 No 2

Application: Low profile and single service containers such as flexible baby food tubs and pharmaceutical saline vials

Inspection: Leak detection

Tested with: Low Profile T4000-DSC (T4000-DSC-LP)

Convenience packaging is a growing trend in consumer products. The production of smaller and single serve packaging is increasing. In addition, brand specifiers are lightweighting packaging to reduce cost and post consumer waste. The need for inspection systems that can reliably inspect these products for leakage and seal integrity is critical to consumer safety as well as brand image. Teledyne TapTone has modified the inspection capabilities of its most popular T4000-DSC system with a Low Profile (LP) transport deck that is designed to meet the challenges of testing these smaller, low profile packages for leaks.

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