Vol 7 No 4: New Package Inspection for Single Serve Coffee Pods

Vol 7 No 4

Tested: Coffee pods with plastic membrane seal closures.

Inspection Desired: Leak detection

Tested with: TapTone T4000 DSC

With the growing popularity of the single serve coffee pod comes the need for manufacturers to insure proper seal integrity. Teledyne TapTone has proven patented technology that can inspect one hundred percent (100% ) of the container pods before the packages are shipped and the leaks are detected by the consumer.

Is Your Pod a Good Candidate for a T4000-DSC-LP Inspection System?

Sidewall Flexibility Test - The easiest way to determine if a container is flexible enough to be compressed in a T4000 DSC-LP is to place the container between your fingers and gently squeeze the sidewall. Use your thumb and forefinger to simulate the 1/2"compression belt height. If the container compresses to a point and stops, the container is a good candidate for compression testing. The size and shape of most coffee pods make them ideally suited for inspection on the T4000 DSC-LP with TDLC overhead sensors. This system configuration will yield the most sensitive and accurate leak detection for this container type.

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