Vol 7 No 1: Vision Inspection for Container Closure and Labels on Dairy Product Containers

Vol 7 No 1

Tested: Multi-sided Quart, Half Gallon, and Gallon plastic containers of dairy products

Inspection: Cap, Tamper Ring, Date and Lot Code, Label Presence, Label Positioning, Correct Label, Barcode

System: TotalVu Vision Inspection System with four camera setup and T4000-PC User Interface

Challenge: Post-pasteurization contamination remains the most common cause for contaminated dairy products. Inspection from both State and Local regulatory agencies ensure stringent sanitation requirements are met by Dairy Farms, In-Processing Plants, Dry Milk Plants, and Receiving and Transfer Stations (establishments where raw milk or cream is received for further transport). Milk and Milk product packagers and handlers under the ‘Grade “A” Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and recommendations of the United States Public Health Service/ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must also comply with 21 CFR Sections 1/10; 101; 108; 110; 113; 130; 131; 133 ; 173.310; and 178.1010. Nonetheless, critical quality inspections of finished products must be performed to ensure that all packaging and handling guidelines in the Dairy manufacturing industry are followed. TapTone’s TotalVu complete vision inspection system can assist in detecting many post-pasteurization processing issues with dairy product containers in production plant environments.

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