Vol 7 No 2: Vision Inspection for Container Closure and Labels on Small Profile Containers

Vol 7 No 2

Tested: Small profile multi-sided and round pharmaceutical plastic containers with roll labels and plastic form-fit Tamper Bands

Inspection: Cap, Tamper Band, Date & Lot Code, Label Presence, Label Positioning, Correct Label, 2D Barcode / 2D Data Matrix

System: TotalVu Vision Inspection System with four camera setup and T4000-PC User Interface

Challenge: Pharmaceuticals packaging and the management of electronically documented label and container content information is a growing concern for the safety of consumers. By July 1, 2016, all wholesalers and repackagers of pharmaceutical products must accept and forward products with the California e-pedigree requirements. By July 1, 2017, all pharmacy and pharmacy warehouses must accept and pass e-pedigrees. For a complete understanding of how California’s E-Pedigree requirements and definitions may affect you or your customers, visit the Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Pharmacy at: http://www.pharmacy.ca.gov/ about/e_pedigree_laws.shtml .

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