Vol 3 No 5: Leak Detection in Aerosol Cans of Whipped Cream

The purpose of this test was to prove the effectiveness of the TapTone 4000-FS Force System in testing high pressure aerosol cans for leaks. Leaking containers can result in reduced or zero product delivery leaving customers dissatisfi ed and ruining your brand image. Leaks can orginate from faulty valves, broken valve stems or missing valve cup gaskets, and missaligned or missapplied valve cups. The T4000-FS was specifi cally designed to handle the higher internal pressures of aerosol containers up to 140 psi or 9.6 bar.  The TapTone 4000-FS is a non-destructive
leak inspection system that will test 100% of your containers on-line at production line speeds.  The system is ideal for fi nding potential leakers in aerosol containers before they leave your processing plant.

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