Vol 3 No 7:Leak Detection in Low Pressure PET Bottles

The purpose of this test was to prove the effectiveness of the TapTone 4000-FS Force System in testing low pressure PET bottles pressurized with Liquid Nitrogen Gas (LN2). Leaking and low pressure containers can result in reduced production line effi ciencies, transportation problems and customer dissatisfaction ruining your brand image. Over pressurized bottles will also impact production line effi ciencies. Bulged bottle bases can fall over on the conveyor and swelled body walls can cause case packer and tray wrapper jams. The TapTone 4000-FS was specifi cally designed to handle containers with internal pressures ranging from 0.5 psi up to 140 psi. By applying a special designed sensor for low pressure applications the TapTone 4000-FS is a non-destructive leak inspection system that will test 100% of your containers on-line at production line speeds and provide measurement accuracy within 0.5 psi.

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